If you caught our Live Youtube stream this morning (Saturday, 9/18/21) I promised to post the maps you saw showing next year’s scheduled races, along with Steve & Matt’s suggestions on how to ‘improve’ said schedule. You will also be able to view these (and watch the Live rerun) on the “What’s New” tab (after Sunday).

  Facebook, in their infinite wisdom, has tightened up security so your media can’t easily be stolen. That’s a good thing, right? Yes, EXCEPT for when it requires you to become a circus contortionist and jump through so many hoops of fire to access YOUR OWN content that it makes the whole thing not worth it. Maybe FB hasn’t heard the old saying ‘if it ain’t broke, DON’T FIX IT!’

  Welcome to 2021 and Facebook’s new and improved Live streaming application. Does it function? Yes. Does it have cool features like live chat and emojis and other crap you don’t need, and probably don’t want? Yes. Does it still allow you to easily embed or download the Live you recorded so you can add it to your website? Not a snowball’s chance in…

 I admit, I am not a professional IT guy, nor do I code worth anything. However, I did generate this site, and put together our ‘Live look’ with OBS, so I’m not a total idiot. Before all the new improved crap FB added to the Live, I was able to download and put the live show here. Now I feel like a total dunce because I can’t seem to figure out how to get access to our Facebook Live(s). Thanks for nothing FB.

Fortunately, FB isn’t our only Live stream avenue. WELCOME IN YOUTUBE LIVE! We have been ‘simulstreaming’ our Live show to both  FB & YT for the past several weeks. That is soon coming to a halt. We will still do Live’s, but only on YouTube. You can follow that link to our channel. If you don’t have a YT account, sign up (it’s FREE!) and don’t forget to subscribe to the CRN channel so you don’t miss any of our new content.

Thanks for reading, and subscribing  😉

Producer John

End of rant

Plans are being made to expand the show to YouTube live. You’ll not only be able to hear CRN, but also watch the show being aired from the broadcast studios!

How can you help? Hit this link: CRN on YouTube , and then hit the Subscribe button. Tell your friends! The more subscribers we can gather, the faster we can get rolling and on-screen. Our goal is 1K+ Subscribers. 

Why is it that precipitation holds off all day, UNTIL you need to go outside?

So worked all day at the factory, no rain. Buzzer sounds end of shift, walk out the door and into a nice deluge of rain drops. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t be a major issue.

However, you’ve been notified your daughter’s car is ‘broken down’ and you, you lucky dog, you get to go deal with it…


Happy-Happy, Joy-Joy.