Alright boys and girls…..

I have slept on it for a night, and processed what I saw yesterday in the LA Memorial Coliseum for the Busch Light Clash. Overall, the racing was good. Pretty much what you can COMMONLY see at any local bullring here in the Southeast, or anywhere else in the US. I won’t define it as great, because the track was a little too tight for my liking, There wasn’t enough outright “clean” passes. Way too much playing pinball. The reason I say that is because I’ve been to several short track races and it can be done. (SEE Ty Dillon as my example of playing pinball). My personal opinion, the overall main was too short. Should have been 200 laps or more. 150 laps flew by. 200 laps would have added another element of action to the race in my opinion. From the overall “fanfare” of the event, I thought it was good. Having music acts, combined with sports celebrities from USC interacting with fans and being dignitaries made it “flare”. The one thing that could have went better….is having a better driver intro person. I expected better from Gus Johnson of Fox Sports. 


Overall, I rate the first Clash at the Coliseum a B. There’s room for improvement, but it doesn’t need much. 

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